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A collaboration between local authority health and social care workers, and third sector organisations has resulted in a successful emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Glasgow. This has led to a near zero visible number of people sleeping on the streets. Find out about the full emergency response from Glasgow and other campaign cities in our latest report: Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Joined the campaign: November 2016

Who’s involved? The campaign in Glasgow is led by Homeless Network Scotland.

What has happened so far? Glasgow has the largest number of people sleeping on the streets in Scotland. Turning Point Scotland began developing Housing First in the city in 2010.  There is now commitment from government and homelessness organisations to extend Housing First throughout the city.

The campaign in Glasgow has focused on changing the very roots of the homelessness system, to benefit people in Glasgow and across Scotland. Working at a national policy level, the work of Homeless Network Scotland (previously Glasgow Homelessness Network) led to the launch of the Scottish Government’s Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan in November 2018 – this included major commitments towards increasing Housing First provision. A £10m investment from Social Bite and the Scottish Government has been made in the Housing First Pathfinder programme, which is now working across five Scottish cities including Glasgow.

In Glasgow they are beginning to close hostels and replace them with self-contained apartments for homeless people. In the first year they helped 90 people move into permanent homes. David Ramsay shares his personal journey out of homelessness in Glasgow and discusses why prevention is key to ending homelessness for good.

In January 2019, they published the Glasgow Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan which sets out how they plan to meet their targets over the next five years. This includes reducing time spent in temporary accommodation; eradicating the use of bed and breakfast accommodation; and reducing hostel provision.

What’s next? The Housing First programme across Scotland is developing and aims to provide 830 Housing First homes by March 2021.

You can follow their monthly progress on Housing First here. 

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