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Local campaigns are led by key partners from homelessness organisations or city councils. However, they also aim to engage people and organisations from the community who would not usually be involved.  This can include universities, health services, the police and housing associations.

The first step in each city is to find out who is sleeping on the streets and what each person needs. Most city campaigns launch with a Connections Week. This involves local volunteers going out on to the streets to carry out surveys with people sleeping there. This is an opportunity for people to talk about their lives and tell their story.

Listening to the experiences of those who are currently homeless helps cities find out what needs to change to end street homelessness for good.           

After this, we work with cities to plan how they can support people into homes and advocate for policy change.

Cities taking part have the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas through webinars and city visits. There is also an online toolkit available.

We are currently working with a network of cities across Europe: Barcelona, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow, Leicester, Lisbon, Westminster and Zagreb.

We’ve also worked with a number of legacy cities which are no longer active members of the campaign, including Alicante, Brighton, Croydon, Torbay and Valencia. We continue to share knowledge and learning with them.


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