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MOBA Housing SCE is a group of pioneering organisations from Budapest, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Prague. They aim to start the first community-led housing cooperatives in their countries, and for these to be replicable models that can challenge the inadequate provision of housing.

The Network was born out of the realisation that each project was facing the same structural constraints and had similar experiences. By working together, they could help each other overcome common barriers.

The Network will be a catalyst to develop pilot projects, by:

  • collectively creating access to tailored financial resources (from investors or funders);
  • sharing skills, knowledge, specific expertise (relating to financial, legal, organisational aspects and housing cooperative models);
  • challenging and changing unsupportive legal frameworks, and influencing policy and practice; and
  • raising visibility of their mission and attracting further support and skills.

They meet regularly at training workshops and are open to other pioneering groups that want to create co-operative housing pilot projects across Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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