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World Habitat (World Habitat) is inviting costed proposals from individuals, organisations or collaborative groups to deliver 4 outputs related to our community-led housing programme.


World Habitat has a longstanding interest in community-led approaches which create affordable, decent housing and sustainable communities. World Habitat is currently running a programme, funded by the Nationwide Foundation, to:

  • Explore the creation of an alliance of organisations committed to supporting the growth of community-led housing solutions.
  • Communicate widely and clearly about community-led housing in order to increase recognition, take-up and demand.

To support these objectives, we are seeking proposals for the following outputs:

1. Resource Collation – Community-led Housing Baseline

The output provided through this exercise will be used to strengthen the evidence base for community-led housing, providing a definitive baseline number of community-led housing projects, groups or organisations which can be used in communications (by World Habitat and other active organisations).

2. Knowledge Exchange Activities

The knowledge exchange activities relate to a number of core strategic objectives:

  • Creating, nurturing and strengthening alliances that are conducive to scaling community-led housing up and out.
  • Providing people and organisations currently peripheral to community-led housing activity with the opportunity to learn more and explore ways to get involved.
  • Opening the opportunities provided by community-led housing out to a wider audience.

3. Stakeholder Analysis (External)

This output will be used to encourage new entrants to get involved in or proactively support community-led housing.

4. Stakeholder Analysis (Internal)

This output will be used to:

  • Identify and target key participants in the World Habitat programme to ensure effective engagement and representation.
  • Create a usable resource for communications activity through the programme and beyond.

This programme is supported by funding from the Nationwide Foundation. For more information about the work of the Nationwide Foundation please click here or follow @NationwideFdtn

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