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The European End Street Homelessness Campaign toolkit launched on our website in February 2017. We’ve had some great feedback from people saying it’s been really useful to help them plan their work to end street homelessness in their area.

We’ve just added two new sections :

  • Coordinated Access Systems: This section outlines how cities can design and bring consistency to the way people experiencing homelessness access housing.
  • By Name Lists: In this section we show how ‘By Name Lists’ (‘real time’ information on all people experiencing homelessness in your city or area) can help to show how many people are becoming homeless and how many are no longer homeless. This can really help organisations to prioritise their work and also to help give details on homelessness in their city, for example, if the number of people is increasing.

The toolkit, which includes good practice, videos, templates and sample materials, can be downloaded free.

If you have any feedback on the toolkit, we’d really like to hear from you.

Image credit: TESH Campaign

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