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Our vision is a world where street homelessness is prevented first, and if it cannot be prevented is a rare, brief, and non-recurring experience. Despite geopolitical uncertainty and a humanitarian crisis, our Impact Report 2022, published today 19th April, highlights powerful stories, and demonstrates real success towards ending street homelessness for good.

The report in particular highlights the incredible response of our partners to the Ukraine conflict, an update to our vision of an end to homelessness, our new Central and Eastern European ExChange Programme and our response to the climate emergency.

In 2022 all the organisations we support across the European End Street Homelessness Campaign have adapted in different ways to many challenges and World Habitat’s continue to champion organisations working to drive systemic changes in housing provision in their cities. Across 10 European cities – a total of 618 people have been provided with long term sustainable accommodation.

In Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary our housing and homelessness partners were at the forefront responding to people displaced by the Ukraine conflict. As the humanitarian crisis broke, we swiftly provided emergency financial support to help them kick start their service provision and fundraising efforts.

In Hungary, our partners From Streets to Home Association were able to provide accommodation and rent support for 104 Ukrainian families, including 200 adults and 142 children. In Slovakia, our support to Oz Stopa enabled the social work organisation to provide support to 395 adults including 113 mothers and 195 children. In Bucharest, our partners Carusel provided accommodation for 125 adults and 34 children following the immediate influx of refugees. Twelve months later, these same partners have now transitioned to providing longer-term integration support for refugees.

In 2022 we developed a new collaboration with Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI) to update our vision of a world where street homelessness has ended and embed best practice from their work across the Homelessness Programme.

In Autumn 2022 we launched the ambitious Central and Eastern European Homelessness ExChange Programme to support our partners in the region who contend with a lack of suitable housing, difficulties accessing funding, weak or unreliable data on homelessness and lack of political will.

World Habitat is committed to exploring ways to further align housing rights with the climate justice movement. In 2022 we also worked to inform our partners about net-zero and the impact of the climate emergency, including influencing them to set actions to reduce their carbon emissions.

Last year we continued to bring together some of Europe’s most resolute and committed people – all whom reflect the very values of World Habitat itself. Their inspirational stories are featured in the report launched today.

Key figures from 2022 include:

  • 724 Ukrainian adults given accommodation and rent support
  • 371 Ukrainian children supported
  • 618 people placed into long-term accommodation
  • 3 emergency donations given to NGO’s responding to the Ukraine conflict
  • 7 innovation grants provided to stimulate new areas of research and pilot projets
  • 188 people attended Homelessness exChange events in 2022

Patrick Duce, Programme Lead (Homelessness) said:

‘In spite of the many challenges presented to us in 2022 our partners yet again demonstrated that in the face of global crises, communities and rights-based organisations can find the solutions. This lies at the heart of our mission at World Habitat, to celebrate, champion, and help communities develop new innovations, ideas and advances that improve the lives of people across the world.

Through crisis comes opportunity, leadership, and remarkable stories of impact. This report shares those impact stories from across World Habitat’s Homelessness Programme in 2022 – thank you for taking the time to read it and for showing your support. Together, we can end street homelessness.’

The full report is available as a free download here

To find out more about the incredible work taking place to end street homelessness across Europe, sign up to our campaign e-bulletin.

Image: Mirek Pruchnicki

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